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Conceived of for the first time in 2006, Ornapets have been seen in shows across the Metro Denver area and into Northern Colorado. They've been shipped throughout the United States, into Mexico and Canada, and as far away as Europe. With over 34 variations in 2 sizes and many more on the way, these unique ornaments should be around a while!

Fairy Garden Accessories

In 2015 as JR's Whimsy sought to diversify their presence outside of the Christmas season, an interest developed in miniature gardening. Beautiful all year round, your fairy garden can now have that little added but of whimsy to it!


With the opportunity to take a few classes with the great Christi Friesen, our product line has expanded to include these amazing creatures inspired by her work. Each piece is one of a kind, completely unique, and will never be made again.



 Art Pieces