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JR's Whimsy is a sole proprietorship based out of Loveland, CO. We've been officially in business since 2010, but our products have been here and there since 2006 or so. Our inventory is constantly evolving and our online store just keeps on growing (when I remember to list things!) Since 2007 JR's Whimsy has shipped from California to Maine, and Texas all the way up to Canada. We've even sent an elephant to Switzerland!

Here's the story.

It all started with a pig.

I had been working with clay for a few months when I picked up some ornament blanks with the desire to make something "pretty". I should note that I've never truly succeeded in making anything pretty and I usually resort back to the weird and "cute". My family owns what we call a sugar pig, just a round piece of hollow ceramic made to look like a fat little pig, with a cork for a nose. We kept sugar in him. Get it? Well I was looking at this pig one day and suddenly it hit me. His ball-like shape was just like my ornaments! I bet I could make a pig. And it all spiraled out of control after that.
JR's Whimsy now offers about two dozen types of ornaments with many more waiting on a list for me to have time to create them. I've also enjoyed creating turtles using my own canes for their shells, stylized yellow ducks, very popular ladybugs, and enigmatic Bloogs. Now and then I do go back to my attempts at "pretty" and have made a couple pieces that aren't terrible. But I believe my talent lies with the fun side of life and so that's where I mostly stay, cuddled in my warm comfort zone.

About "JR"

Hi, I'm Jennifer Kelsay, aka JR. I have four fantastic boys, ages 2, 11, 16, and 20. I'm fortunate to have found the love of my life, who has two girls of his own, ages 7 and 13. Our family also consists of 1 cat, 1 dwarf rabbit,  and a collection of fish. No, our house isn't big enough. I hold a BA in Educational Studies and a Masters in Teaching (shout out to WGU!). In my copious free time I enjoy reading, playing Civilizations II, spinning, crocheting, nagging, and of course working with clay! The craft show season is one I love and dread. There's so much extra work to do but I truly enjoy attending shows and meeting so many wonderful people, both customers and vendors. My family is (almost always) very supportive and their feedback and creativity help me form many of my ideas.